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Knotted jewelry handmade with love in the US, spreading the love in Bangladesh!
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    Hey, Knotty Gals!

    Have you heard? Knotty Gal is growing and we want you to be a part! Starting November 17th, we will take the biggest step yet on our Knotty journey and officially launch our “More Knotty, More Nice” Kickstarter campaign!

    In order to increase support for the awesome Bhandari Girls’ School students, we’re looking to ramp up production and distribution and begin manufacturing all of our pieces on a larger scale right in the heart of Manhattan. To help us make this transition, we are launching a gift-or-receive campaign aiming to raise $30,000.

    We’ll have awesome backer gifts (Knotty jewelry or a Girls’ School trip to Bangladesh anyone?), an opportunity for backers to win a little something extra for those who donate within 24-hours of campaign launch, plus plenty more in store!

    We can’t wait to share more “knotty” with you!


    Nur-E G. and Nur-E F.