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Knotted jewelry handmade with love in the US, spreading the love in Bangladesh!
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    Hello, friend! Welcome to Knotty Gal!

    Despite what it may sound like, we are not a website for naughty business. We make knotted, handmade jewelry, right here in the New York area, and we love a good pun. ;-) 

    My mom and I started this company back in 2013 to raise money for the Bhandari Girls’ School in Bogra, Bangladesh, founded in 1962 by my great-grandfather, Mujibur Rahman Bhandari. He was a social reformer and a progressive visionary, and he believed in the importance of girls’ education. 

    Today, the school has over 1,200 girls, but they’re having a tough time. There just aren’t enough resources to provide the girls with the quality education they deserve. So my mom and I decided we’d make some kickass jewelry and give a percentage of sales back to the school.

    Between 10 and 15% of each Knotty Gal item goes directly to the Bhandari Girls’ School.

    That’s pretty awesome news for you because for each piece of jewelry you buy, you’re helping make a tiny difference in the world. (Look at you, you do-gooder!) You're part of something bigger. Because for us, starting a socially conscious jewelry company wasn't a trend to piggyback off of; it was a chance to be an advocate for 1,200 young girls and a chance to continue my great-grandfather's legacy. 

    So thanks for helping us keep his memory alive. Thanks for helping us help girls around the world. And thanks for getting Knotty with us.

    Nur-E Farhana & Mama Rahman

       Photo courtesy of the Tory Burch Foundation